Africa would have been Heaven on earth if prayers answer everything – Ernesto

Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah has commented on what he believes is the over reliance on religion and prayers by Africans to solve every problem confronting the continent.

He said God had already provided everything that the African would need to make life easy and worth living for and what is left is for us to work hard and solve our problems instead of the incessant and unceasing prayers we spend precious time that should have been used to work, praying.

Speaking via Zoom on the famed Prof Toyin Falola’s ‘Toyin Falola Interviews’ which was co-hosted by Nana Ansah Kwao IV, Afia Pokua and Dr Charles Prempeh, the social advocate expressed great concern over the attitude of Africans towards religion and prayer.

The outspoken social activist and leader cited the moment and preparations he and his Fighters team made hours before the interview session as an example of a typical African in the hands of religion and prayer.

“Today as we were preparing for this program, my team and I came to ‘a junction of let us pray everything goes according to plan.’ The internet connection, electricity, and all of that. And I remember asking them why we should pray for stable electricity? Why should we pray for a stable internet? When can the African do something without praying about it?”

He fumed that the time has come for us to go all out to work to develop the continent instead of resorting to committing everything into prayer.

“We need to push that kind of frontier where we do it deliberating by inculcating into our people that there are certain things that God has already given to you that if you believe in God or the existence of God. There are certain things that are given. Whether you worship God or not, you should be able to get it. I think that emphasis may help.”

This is a reiteration and admonishment by Ernesto of Africans to rise up beyond just only religion and prayers to develop the continent as Mr. Ernesto back in March sparked controversy when he wrote, “The Bible is a Communist document now firmly in the grips of Capitalist mercenaries and merchants” on his social media handles.

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