Accra: Woman caught on camera stealing an iPhone from a restaurant (Video)

A woman has been captured in a video stealing an iPhone from the counter of a restaurant at Ashaley Botwe in Accra on January 3, 2023.

The whole incident unfolded when the woman went to Charly’s Ghana restaurant with a man under the pretence of making enquires for an upcoming party.

According to Charlotte Derban, who owns the restaurant, the two conspired to steal the phone.

Narrating the incident, she said, “They walked in and asked one of my staff, do we make orders for parties, so they had to call me to confirm from me. So he called me and I gave him all the answers to the questions.”

She added that the two plotted to steal the iPhone after the call, with the man persuading the lady to steal the iPhone while he destructs the waitress.

“The guy stepped aside with my staff [waitress] telling her that he is doing a surprise party for the girl, he doesn’t want the girl to know,” she said.

The lady who was dressed in a red long-sleeved blouse, stole the phone from the counter and quickly hid it in her handkerchief after putting it in silent mode, before leaving the counter

The action which was caught on camera has gone viral on social media.

Charlotte Derban initially issued a public notice to the culprits to return the iPhone before releasing the video on social media.

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