3 young fellows condemned 60 years detainment

Three young fellows in Akatsi who schemed and looted an ‘okada’ administrator of his motorbike at firearm point were last Friday condemned to an aggregate of 60 years detainment by the Sogakope Court.

They are Godsway Sedofia, 19; Seraphim Torgbor, and Destiny Adzakpo, both 18.

Every one of them will serve 20 years in a correctional facility in extremely difficult work.

They argued not blameworthy.

Boss Inspector Seidu Kodua, who addressed the republic, told the court directed by Mr Isaac Addo that on December 22, last year, Sedofia recruited the motorbike administrator from the Akatsi Central Market to Atidzive.

On arriving at a segment of the street, Sedofia pointed a firearm at the rider and requested him to stop.

The rider obliged and Adzakpo who had laid snare close by came to help Sedofia to confiscate the rider of the Haojue motorbike, with enlistment number M-21 VR 3225.

The indictment said the two likewise held onto the smash protective cap from the rider.

As indicated by the indictment, the casualty later illuminated his companions who were in the ‘okada’ business of the trial he went through because of the looters.

Before long, the casualty had a clue that Sedofia and Torgbor were seen on speeding bicycle at Glikpome.

Casualty and companions

The person in question and his companions then continued to the place of Sedofia where they tracked down the pound cap in his room.

Consequently, they captured him and gave him over to the police.

The court heard that Sedofia conceded the offense in his watchfulness proclamation and referenced Torgbor and Adzakpo as his assistants, prompting their capture on Christmas eve.

The motorbike was subsequently recovered in the vicinity of the Keta Municipal Hospital, the court was additionally told.

The arraignment said another assistant; Robert Sedofia was on the run.

Passing the sentence, the court said albeit the blamed people argued not blameworthy, the arraignment demonstrated its case certain.

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