1992 Constitution has not fully served its purpose– Ofosu-Dorte

The Chairman of AB & David Africa, Mr. David Ofosu-Dorte has hinted that the 1992 constitution has not fully served its purpose of protecting the interest of citizens twenty-nine after its promulgation.

Delivering a lecture on “The 1992 Constitution – A fundamental Law for our Prosperity or a well-crafted guide for our economic doom”, Mr. Ofosu-Dorte said it appears as though the constitution instead of benefiting citizens is used as a tool by political leaders to oppress the citizens.

The Chairman of AB & David Africa backed his claim that the 1992 Republican Constitution of Ghana is being used as a tool to oppress the citizens by citing various taxes, which in his view, do not benefit the nation in any way, but further worsen the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian.

“The Constitution users have made it a sin to become a Ghanaian citizen. As much as citizens’ rights are given in the Constitution, it is difficult to identify any gains Ghanaians have made from being citizens. It appears as though citizens vote people into power to oppress and punish them.”

“National Health Insurance, the Ghana Education Trust Fund, and the Covid-19 levy, for an instant meant to raise revenue to support Covid-19 and its expenditures, which I am not sure what the expenditures and its related matters are. There is also the Electronic transfer levy, the Africa Union Import levy, 0.2%, the ECOWAS levy, which is 0.5%, and the Energy Fund levy, and the issue here is that the energy sector owes more than it owed before this levy was introduced. Even with the sanitation levy, we cannot exactly say sanitation issues have been resolved,” Mr. Ofosu-Dorte retorted.

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