It will make a huge difference if you can tell the kind of feelings you have for your partner. Being able to distinguish between love and lust can influence your decisions in a relationship. Trust me you don’t want to commit yourself just to realise it was lust.

These basic relationship activities can help you examine your relationship and also make better choices so you avoid wasting your time.

Let us find out…

Do you care about the thumbs-down​ from family and friends?

If you don’t care about how your family and friends feel about your partner and you just alienate yourself just to be with that person, then you might be in the lust circle. If you’re introducing him or her to friends and family, which in itself is a positive step towards love, and you care how they view this person, it means you have deeper feelings, not lust.

Are you open with your partner on how you feel about issues that matter to you?

Are you comfortable sharing your vulnerabilities with your partner? if not, then you are yet to enter the love stage. If you’re too concerned with fantasies and non-emotional topics and avoid talking about real issues in the relationship then you are probably feeling lust.

Do you treat them special or only when it’s convenient for you?

If you love someone, you don’t shy away from real commitment and always want to support them even when it is not convenient. You are willing to make a sacrifice and invest in them.

Are you overly concerned about how your partner looks

You might just be in the lust phase of the relationship if all you think about is how attractive your partner is. The emotion of lust is primarily focused on the external, such as how your partner looks, their body, and how you appear in their eyes. If you look beyond the external and pay attention to their qualities then the feeling is much deeper.

Are you always having sexual imaginations about your partner?

lust is a feeling, sensation, and emotion that is not based on a real appetite. Instead, it’s based on the physical qualities that the person in front of you possesses. You most likely find yourself having sexual imagination of the physical attractiveness of your partner.

Do you spend most of your time together in bed?

If you’re always in bed or engaging in something sexual, it’s likely that you’re in lust, rather than love. Sexual pleasure is your ultimate goal if you are experiencing lust for your partner. love includes sexual desire, but it is much broader. If it’s love, you and your partner will meet each other’s sexual and emotional needs, such as helping each other through problems, instead of it just being about how fast you can get each other’s clothes off.

Do you talk more than give?

If you are in love with someone, you are almost always thinking about how to show appreciation and devotion to your partner. Lust, on the hand, is about seeking self-pleasure.

In the end, the difference between love and lust is that love is about giving and investing in another person.

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