Clearly, we will be enjoying Delay and Afia Schwar’s beef for a very long time looking at how they have both refused to concede defeat and keep throwing sublime shots at each other.

Delay has indirectly taken a deep swipe at Afia Schwar once again in a new Facebook post that has been spotted on her page.

As we all know, Delay is the queen of shades – Hence one can hardly decode the shots she throws at her enemies but this one is very easy to crack with reference to her most recent clash with Afia Schwar.

Delay has always bragged that Afia Schwar is like a baby to her as far as popularity and talent are concerned so it’s more than obvious she was referring to her archrival in this particular post.

Announcing her impending birthday, she wrote;

:”It’s my birthday month, 25th June what are the Baby Drygons getting for Mama Drygon??? #ObiaaBoa

Now, you don’t need a professional truth sayer to tell you Delay jabbed Afia Schwar in this post.

All she meant was, since Afia Schwar is her baby drygon, therefore she will be expecting a gift from her as her mother in the “game”.

She purposely used “Drygon” to imply Afia Schwar’s aggressive and ferocious character same as hers.

Take a look at the screenshot below to know more…

Afia Schwar whose beef with Chairman Wontumi and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has escalated to its peak will certainly reply to Delay in a few hours’ time.

It’s about to get messy once again!


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