Stop Being Cruel and Soften Your Heart And End Heartless Treatment of Zoomlion Sweepers – Manasseh Tackles Akufo-Addo

Award-winning investigative journalist, Manassesh Azure Awuni has urged President Akufo-Addo to address the plight of Zoomlion sweepers in the country.

According to him, employees of Zoomlion Ghana Limited are currently being shortchanged in their earnings, hence the President must intervene.

The ace journalist made this call in response to a post on the President’s Facebook page, which notified Ghanaians of his intention to deliver a Christmas message on Tuesday, December 24, 2021.

Reacting to the notification from the President, Manasseh Azure intimated that as of now, the sweepers earn only GHC180.00 out of the GHC600.00 paid to Zoomlion Ghana as their salaries.

According to him, Zoomlion retains GHS420.00 cedis from the GHS600.00 cedis; a situation the journalist says poses a lot of difficulties for the sweepers.

“The arrangement is that Zoomlion will take 420 cedis and give the poor sweepers, in whose name the youth employment programme was created, only GHC180 cedis. Zoomlion claims there are 45,000 sweepers on the payroll. This means that each month, 18.9 million Ghana Cedis goes to Zoomlion while each worker goes home with 180 cedis ($30). Sir, put yourself in the shoes of the mothers and fathers who do this work”, Mr. Awuni said.

He therefore urged President Akufo-Addo to deal decisively with the matter, by paying the salaries of the sweepers directly to them through the District Assemblies, within whose jurisdictions they clean; instead of using Zoomlion as intermediaries.

“They [Zoomlion sweepers] have no health insurance or pension or any other benefit. You and your party criticized this wickedness when you were in opposition. In government, you’re continuing it. The truest test of your character is how you treat the vulnerable. I’m appealing to you to end this heartless arrangement so that sweepers can be paid directly. Don’t harden your heart, please”, Manassesh Azure pleaded.

NEWSLighthouse Chapel Sues Manasseh Azure, Three Others for Defamation

The Lighthouse Chapel International (LCI) has filed three different defamation suits against Manasseh Azure, an investigative journalist and three others at the Human Rights Court (High Court Division).

The Church, in its statement of claim, held that Mr Azure, an Editor, together with one Suleman Braimah, Executive Director of Media Foundation for West Africa, Edwin Appiah, a co -editor and the Media Foundation for West Africa, an entity, had among others, published articles, one, titled “Darkness in A Lighthouse” allegedly seeking to launch a scathing and disparaging attack on the Church and its founder, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills.

The articles of the defendants were premised on a suit instituted by the Church’s former pastors.

The suit said, Mr Azure and others, although knew that the matter was pending before the court, allegedly went ahead to make some pronouncement prejudicial to the matter before the court.

The Church is praying for an injunction restraining the defendants, their servants, or agents from further publishing or causing to be published similar words, which are defamatory.

It is also praying for “an order directed to the defendants to ensure the removal of the defamatory articles as well as their re-publication on other media sites from the internet.”

The LCI is praying for damages including, “special aggravated and exemplary damages for libel contained on websites published by the defendants and republication by many local and international media.”

The suit filed on December 10, this year, is further seeking costs involved in the prosecution of the suit.

In the Church’s statement of claim, it said that the LCI was a religious organisation registered in Ghana and shared a common vision of propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ nationwide, including the training of pastors.

The Church averred that since its establishment in 1998, it had been law abiding Church and that the hard work of its founder, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, made itself and worldwide partners, a model for many churches both in Ghana and worldwide.

The plaintiff said the defendants were authors of a website dubbed the “Fourth Estate” and had “hundreds of Thousand followers on other social media handles or platforms like facebook, Youtube and Twitter.”

The plaintiff said in the issue of the Fourth Estate dated April 23, this year,the defendant allegedly wrote an article with the headline “Darkness in a Lighthouse Part I: Pastors recount abuse and trauma”.

The Church alleged the defendants used further defamatory statements such as ” Six Ministers of God laboured for a cumulative 42 years and five months without the payment of their pension contributions.”

The plaintiff said those publications suggested that the Plaintiff as a Christian organisation, falsely and deceptively pretended to give light and spiritual direction to persons seeking God while “indeed and in fact”, the plaintiff practised the “exact opposite.”

According to the plaintiff, the publication sought to portray that the Church used means of “cunning and subterfuge to lure people desirous of doing God’s work into its fold” and ” makes a shipwreck of their faith, leading them to hell instead of heaven.”

Source: GNA