Elon Musk’s Company to Court Over Racial Abuse, He Wins Ghc830 Million

  • A man, Owen Diaz, has been paid for the racial abuse he suffered while working for Tesla, where he witnessed the derogatory treatment of blacks
  • The court ruled in his favour, and Owen was given the sum of $137 million (Ghc830,151,157) as money for the stress he has been through and damages
  • Many people who reacted to his story jokingly said that they would not mind being treated shabbily for such a payout

A 52-year-old man, Owen Diaz, who worked as an elevator operator in Tesla, said that he faced racial abuse in the company while he was a staff. While working with Tesla, the man found cartoons that had a bad portrayal of black children. When he told his supervisors, they downplayed it and told him he “couldn’t take a joke.”, Labible reports.

Owen won the case

A part of the man’s lawsuit against the company said that Tesla’s progressive posturing starkly contrasts with how shabbily it treats its African-American workers.

After a long four-hour deliberation, a jury finally ruled in his favour. Lawrence Organ, Owen’s lawyer, said that it is a great thing one of the biggest corporations in America is made to face justice for the way it treats black people.

Take millions for your stress.

Awarding him $137 million (Ghc830,151,157), Owen was given $7 million (Ghc42,339,451) for the emotional stress he has suffered and $130m (Ghc786,304,090) was for punitive damages. When the story was shared on Instagram, people had a lot to say about it. At the time of writing this report, it had gathered over 150,000 likes with several comments.