Yass Queen: Woman Officially Owner of Flashy Mercedes Benz, Shows Off New Whip Online and Quickly Trends

  • A young lady couldn’t contain iiher excitement after she became the proud owner of a stunning Merc
  • She took to social media to share the good news and her post quickly hit the trending list on Twitter
  • Saffas are celebrating with her and many fellow Merc drivers are welcoming her to the elite club

A young woman from Durban is the proud new owner of a Mercedes-Benz and she flaunted her flashy wheels on social media. In just one day, the post blew up with likes, comments and retweets.

The woman, who goes by the Twitter handle @_NongceboGumbi, captioned the post: “Update: I’m officially a part of #GirlsWithMercs.”

She shared an envy-inducing pic sitting in her shiny whip while holding her car keys. In just one day, the post has received close to 6 000 likes and over 250 retweets.
The comment section has erupted with joy for @_NongceboGumbi – many sent her messages of congrats and other Merc drivers welcomed her to the club. However, one man had a burning question on his mind and wanted to know why she was sitting in the passenger seat. Let’s head to the comments:

NeroExp: “No key, push to start.” @Angellique_zeMo: “Welcome sis. It’s lovely this side. Congratulations.” @Becks5050: “The best or nothing.” @Callmethaboo2nd: “Congratulations.” @CChibaduki: “Congratulations and enjoy the ride.” @AyandaNtuliGP: “Haibo, congratulations dude!!! You deserve it” @MrshengeKenneth: “Congratulations woman.” @Kagisho1Mk: “Congratulations, sweetness.” @MrSaatchi77: “Angilwi neh?! Just wondering why you’re sitting in the passenger seat.”

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