Wife severely dealt with husband for failing to have sex with her

A woman has inflicted multiple wounds on her husband for failing to have sex with her when she visited him at his home.

According to a post shared by a netizen on social media, the couple who have been blessed with two daughters were enjoying their marriage until her husband lost his job. 

She moved out of the house to stay with her parents but when things turned around for her husband, she filed for a divorce even though her husband was against the move because he wanted them together. 

The lady one day demanded to visit her husband who at first turned down the invitation but the lady used their daughters as an excuse which made her husband approve their visit.

After visiting she demanded her husband have sex with her but when he rejected the idea, the lady who was furious inflicted wounds on him and even tried to stab him in the abdomen but that wasn’t possible thanks to the timely intervention of the landlord who heard noises and cries coming from the room. 

Read the full story below: 

“You’re married for almost six years with two daughters. Along the line, your husband lost his job, and kept pushing everywhere to find something to do.

Even at that time, he was paying his children’s fees and doing his best for the home.
Although you are working in a multinational company as the wife and earning good money, you still used his joblessness as an excuse to leave your matrimonial home to your parent’s place in the same neighbourhood under the pretext of you going to visit them.

For two years, you lived with your parents and the kids, and this man kept asking you to come home but you never did.

Within that period, this man kept visiting your parent’s house to see his children and offer the best help he could.

He sometimes came to your parent’s house to even bath his children and take them to school. You treated him like a stranger and he was breaking inside.

Then he lands a good job recently, managed to pay his rent that was expiring for some months and sorted out other things.

Whether it was out of pride or shame or for whatever reason, you now decide to file a divorce petition after he’s landed a job.

This man is so devastated because despite everything, he still wanted you as his wife although you truly don’t deserve that chance.

For whatever reason, you placed a call to the same man you’ve initiated divorce proceedings against that you were visiting him.

He refused at first, and then you said you were bringing the kids, and out of love for his kids, pity or whatever, this man you’re divorcing allows you to visit with the children.

Then you shockingly demanded sex from him. I mean how?. A husband you’ve abandoned for two years over so-called joblessness, you’ve filed divorce against him just when he got a job, and you visit him and you want sex?

Now the man refuses the sex, and you attacked him with objects on his head, stabbed him on his hands several times when he tried to prevent you from stabbing him in the abdomen. But for his landlord who broke through his door to his rescue through the screams of the children, he would have died from his wounds.
He’s nursing his deep injuries at the Hospital now.

Then you almost used your car to ran over one of your own daughters after the landlord and his son rescued the man from your evil hands.

This is a true story that has really left me devastated yesterday. I pity that young man and all other men falling into the hands of some really evil women.

Police have arrested the woman, and referred her to a psychiatric hospital.

But I don’t believe she’s mentally unstable. She’s just a wicked woman who simply wants to destroy a man that by her own actions cannot have again. She probably came to that house with a premeditated agenda to cause harm to the man.

One of this man’s friends had advised him against allowing a woman who had filed divorce against him into his home, but clearly this man didn’t listen or maybe was just too compassionate. I pray he recovers soon from his wounds, overcome this trauma and have his normal life back.

As for the woman, I expect her to face the necessary criminal charges possibly for attempted murder or whatever.

Guys and girls, there’s certainly no proven or tried and tested template for getting it right, but in all your search for a life partner, be meticulously diligent and careful because that single most important but difficult decision in life, will either make or unmake you.

One of the most dangerous things in this life, is to mistakenly fall into the hands of a life partner who doesn’t truly love or value you. You simply become their prey.”

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