While I needed them, they did not help me – Actor Enoch Darko hits the Media

One of the fast-rising Ghanaian actors identified from the Talented Kids reality show, Enoch Darko, expressed displeasure in the Ghanaian media, claiming they didn’t help him when he needed them.

He said this through observation from his two-year stay in Nigeria, where he had the opportunity to work directly with legendary stars, in an interview with the award-winning Foster Romanus on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show.

He announced that he had the chance to engage, eat and have discussions with giant Nigerian actors such as Aki and Porpor, Patience Ozorkwor and the likes; people we all sat to watch behind our TVs, but never got any media advertisement about it.

“None of the media sponsored me when I was in Nigeria and I began the Watabomshell thing. I’m telling you today that all the bloggers and all the newspapers, none of them helped me, but everyone wants to socialize with me as soon as I come to Ghana.

There are some Nigerian actors who can never take a picture with them no matter what you do, so when you saw your own young Ghanaian actor with these actors whose films we all enjoyed during our childhood, the least you had to do was talk about it and help your guy, but he shared that you all didn’t.

He is therefore very sad, according to Watabomshell, if not for the fact that he is Ghanaian and Ghana will always be his first home, he would have ignored all those who did not help him but are trying to get close to him now that he is back in Ghana.

Source: e.TV Ghana