The manager of Huawei hopes to boost ties with the US

Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, said he hopes the current US administration will take a softer approach to the Chinese telecommunications giant.

He doesn’t expect anything to change over the short term, however.

Mr Ren’s remarks come as he opposes the branding of Huawei by the Federal Communications Commission as a threat to national security.

US allegations that its equipment could be used for surveillance have long been refuted by the corporation.

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Huawei is one of a handful of Chinese tech companies that have been threatened on national security grounds by former US President Donald Trump.

US government penalties have prohibited Huawei from obtaining crucial chipsets, a move that has harmed the smartphone business of the firm.

In a number of countries, including the UK, Huawei has also been locked out of the 5G growth.

Source: BBC News

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