The fans of Sarkodie follow Tracy over the Silhouette Challenge

Sarkodie’s open invitation to Tracy to join the Silhouette Challenge made social media users nuts, but the wife’s response seems to evoke more interesting reactions.

The Silhouette Challenge, a TikTok trend, has been keeping people busy online over the last couple of days because of its sensual nature.

The Silhouette Challenge involves standing in a doorway before transforming yourself against a red backdrop into a black silhouette. This combines the common pattern of transformation that TikTok took over in the past year, but adds a little twist, using filters and color to boost the transition.

“In a tweet, Sarkodie asked his wife to join the bandwagon, declaring “we’re waiting”. Since these photos are shared online for the viewing pleasure of users of social media, via his inbox, Tracy will serve the rapper the material.

She said in reaction to Sarkodie’s tweet: “Check your dm” to the disappointment of those who expected her to make it public for one reason or another.

The reply drew amusing answers from the outcomes of both personalities. While some said that Tracy was stingy, others emphasized that the pronoun used in Sarkodie’s request was ‘we’ and not ‘I’, so the opportunity could not be refused. Others, however, commented that her reaction was acceptable.


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