Trained Teachers Debunks NTC portfolio Assements

Aggrieved trained teachers hit the streets to agitate about their displeasure on NTC assements on portfolio for their long years in College of Education.

NTC outlined some creterias that trained teachers doing National service would have to go through before their postings are in.

  • School Information and GTLE
  • Evidence of Attendance to Work
  • Sample of Students to Work
  • A video or Audio Tape of your best lesson or photographs of teaching
  • Scheme of work
  • 15 sample of lesson plan used
  • Sample of Students work you have grades, showing your comments
  • Reflective Practice
  • Assesement Instrument
  • Mentors report
  • Co curricular activities
  • Head Teachers recommndations
  • List and Discription of lessons
  • A report on carrier development
  • A Report written by NQTs
  • Evidence of In Service Trainings attended