“Make you Inform the so called Glass Nkoaa Twene Jonas To Book A Flight Within America If He Claims To Be Rich”-Archipalago Fires [Video]

Another sensational personality on social media, Archipalago Mufasa has lost his cool over how he is being tagged by the fans of his social media foe, Twne Jonas that he is poor and struggling to survive in the States.

Archipalago was accused of his seeking attention on social media following his rants against Twene Jonas on social media. Archipalago who was spotted in a viral video roaming the streets of New York looking for Twene Jonas has cleared the air, saying that his submissions have nothing to do with seeking attention on social media by attacking Twene Joans.

In a recent video he posted on his Twitter page, Archipalago lamented how Twene Jonas continues to insult the leaders in Ghana despite the death threats for his controversial submissions on social media.

Following claims made by Twene Jonas of being richer than most of the leaders in Ghana, Archipalago has bragged about the fact that he is able to afford a flight within the States but the former cannot do the same.

Watch the video below:

In other news, Ghanaian Politician, John Dumelo has broken down the cost of living for workers who earn about GHS1000 per month. He said it is rather heartbreaking to earn GHS1000 knowing the inflation being placed on the cost of living in Accra.

Taling to his Twitter, John Dumelo cited a very good example of folks living in the Dodowa area and have to cross all the way to Accra Central to their workplaces only to earn about GHS1000 per month which makes it impossible for them to survive the cost of living in Accra.