“You Are an Angel”: A Hairstylist Finds Young Girl Who Was Teased About Her Hair, Gives Her a New Sleek Look

  • A hairstylist from Chicago posted an inspiring story on her Twitter page and her followers are loving her kindness
  • A young girl was being bullied over the condition of her hair after the boys in her school took out pictures of her hairstyle in a mocking way
  • The hairstylist tracked the girl down and spoiled her with a new and fresh haircut, and now the young girl is a brand ambassador for the stylist’s business.

A hairstylist from Chicago, USA, shared a heartfelt story with a positive ending on her Twitter page. She goes by the handle, @ShaeStyles_, and she posted about a young girl who was teased in school about her hair.

She captioned the post:

“So today I saw a young girl going viral because some boy thought it was funny to take a picture of her hairstyle. In life, you never know what somebody is going through, good or bad, so it was my goal to find her. And shoutout to the little boy who tried to embarrass her.”

Staying true to her words, @ShaeStyles_ tracked the young girl down and gave her a sleek new cut. The hairstylist also went on to say that she has employed the young girl as a brand ambassador for her business and she is appealing to her followers to help the girl in any that they can.

The comments are filled with praise and admiration for the hairstylist’s good deed. And many are loving the young girl’s look.


“Not gonna lie, like I’ve never laughed at someone’s hair but nowadays when I see young adults I think either the parents don’t care, can’t afford it, they’re trying to learn or they don’t even have parents. Life is hard enough & I salute you for making it a little easier for here!”