Her boobs are falling flat like IPhone 13 Pro Max – Ibrah One Backlash Hajia Bintu

Ghanaian socialite and entrepreneur Ibrahim Daouda, popularly known as Ibrah One, is body shaming TikTok star Hajia Bintu on social media for having sagging breasts.

In a new post from the camp of the Forex trader, Ibrah sought to mock Hajia Bintu whose only claim to fame is her heavily endowed backside which she occasionally flaunts in videos and pictures on her Instagram page.

According to a physical observation by Ibra One, the breasts of Hajia Bintu have gone from standing to bowing down to the ground within the space of one year – and he’s curious to know what happen.

He took to social media to state emphatically and without any equivocation that they’re “beginning to look flat like bathroom slippers”.

Ibrah further cautioned persons who have sucked the boobs and made them lose confidence to slow things down.

See the post below

Hajia Bintu took a break from social media some months ago and on her return from the long hiatus, she got many people talking about some changes in her body.

Some said she had lost the beauty she was known for while some wondered whether she was going through some challenges but decided to keep it from her fans. 

A recent photo of her without makeup further intensified rumours she was pregnant for her manager as she looked pale and had lost weight.

Well, Ibrah One becomes the latest person to join the tall list of people who are of the view that Hajia Bintu has changed as her boobs have now fallen flat.