Ban on Doom Prophecies Is Here to Stay – Police Warn Prophets

The Ghana Police Service has cautioned that the law on publication of information including prophecies that have the tendency to cause fear and panic or put people’s lives in danger, is not limited to 31st December only but should be adhered to on a daily basis.

The Police reiterated that the law is not against religious practices or the performance of religious doctrines and beliefs such as prophecies.

However, if such information is communicated publicly and undermine the laws of the state, the relevant laws and sanctions will be applied, the law enforcement agency said in a statement.

The police commended religious groups in particular and the public for their general support and understanding of their proactive policing initiative on the communication of prophecies and related matters prior to the 31st December celebrations.

Due to this directive, the usual dooms day predictions by some self-styled prophets were largely missing in last year’s watchnight services across the country.

The Police, however, said following its directive against the publication of prophecies that cause fear and panic, multiple video footages have come to their attention regarding same on the 31st December 2021.

The Police said it has begun analysing these videos to ascertain whether any of them is in breach of the laws of the country and anybody found culpable will be put before the court.