Singapore: Police officer’s wife accepts the murder of Myanmar maid

A Singaporean police officer’s wife has confessed to starving, torturing and eventually murdering her Myanmar domestic worker.

When she died from her injuries in the 2016 incident, the worker reportedly weighed just 24kg (53lb).

Prosecutors have called the acts of Gaiyathiri Murugayan “evil and completely inhumane.”

It is among a string of high-profile cases of maid harassment in recent years in the affluent city-state.

Rights organizations have expressed questions about how they have handled migrant domestic workers, many of whom come from neighboring Asian countries.

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On Tuesday, Ms Murugayan, 40, pleaded guilty to 28 charges including guilty homicide against Piang Ngaih Don in a Singapore court. She will be imprisoned for life if she is convicted.

Source: BBC News

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