PHOTOS: Ghanaian Teacher Forced To Draw Digestive system using all the chalkboard

Everyday, we learn of something in our country which confirms the assertion by the crazy U.S President that we are indeed, a sh*thole.
In a country which can spend millions on hiring a private jet which cost 10,000 euros deals and tens of thousands on designing websites, teachers, who train our future leaders, are often left underpaid and without the necessary resources to develop our children to the best they can be.

Teachers are some of the worst paid public servants in Ghana, and many schools operate without adequate science facilities; but we’re always wondering why the average Ghanaian is not very bright and is more interested in superstition than science.
That is why.

A couple of photos currently going viral on social media shows exactly what is wrong with this country we call Ghana. A teacher is forced to draw the digestive system on the blackboard in order to teach students Science, otherwise he would simply have to talk in the abstract because there are no TextBooks.

The photos have sparked outrage over how teachers often have to suffer to get their messages across but in the end are not treated well at all.

If this is the environment most of our students are learning in, it cannot be any surprise when they grow up and cannot compete in the global marketplace.

Check out photos below…

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