People who wear makeup, hairdressers & divorcees will go to hell – Church lists over 60 sins that block people from entering Heaven

A church has listed over 60 offences or what they described as hindrances or sins that block Christians or churchgoers from entering Hell.

According to a pamphlet that has gone viral, the church announced to the congregation that people who indulge in such acts are sure candidates for Hell.

Notable amongst the list is people who wear makeup. According to the church, the Bible frowns upon people who wear makeup thus those who break the rule will not enter Heaven.

Divorcees, being a general overseer, hairdressers are amongst the sins that disqualify people from going to Heaven, the church said. Although this list was made for the church, it has found its way to the internet and many have reacted to it.

The list was intended to guide congregants on what they need to do or not do if they want to make it to heaven. The church added Biblical references to each of the sins to give credence to what they put out.

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