Money is not the reason I sing – Gospel Musician Discloses

Rev Perpetual Didier, the Ghanaian Gospel singer turned minister, has announced that her goal to make music is to win souls for Christ.

Perpetual insists that her direction is distinct and has nothing to do with the money involved, unlike most artists who do music for money and other benefits.

Singing has always been a part of her life, according to her, and she always had the ambition to be a singer before she entered full-time ministry.

“She said, “I did not follow my music career for money,” talking to DJ Advicer on the Ayekoo After Drive Show on Happy 98.9 FM. It’s a natural calling and something that I love to do.

Rev Pepertual thinks that she clearly has the call to do the work of God, which is not just about preaching. Singing is also a way of doing the work of God, so it’s not about my earnings,” she stressed.”

She went on to say, “God has proved to me by doing music that it is His will for me to do this and doing this is as important to him as it is to me.”

Source: e.TV Ghana

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