Counselor D.Y. Donkoh in an interview on Time with the counselor, revealed to ladies that men are intimidated by carrier women. He made this statement to get ladies who are depending on their partners to get on their toes and do something for themselves.  He said that men value ladies who are hardworking because no man wants to be burdened.

People say relationship is difficult, but every relationship needs to go a test of time. This test makes you know the character and attitude of your partner. A good relationship cannot be built from one person; it involves two people to build a strong relationship, he said.

 The counselor cum pastor advised ladies to have their own life when they are dating. Ladies can be in love so much that they find difficulty in living their own life; but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your life because of love. Again, D.Y. Donkoh made it clear that men start bluffing ladies when they notice they are being too needy. He said “make sure you connect physically, emotionally and mentally to your partner’’. Loving your partner doesn’t mean you connect with him or her (quarreling all the time).

  In conclusion, counsellor said if u cannot pray with your partner, then you must walk away from the relationship because, what you do with him or her in your relationship determines how your marriage will be.

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