Man Risks Life to Pull 8 People Out of Burning Bus, Peeps Shower Him With Blessings: “An Actual Hero”

Sirizani Butau is being praised online after he risked his life to rescue eight people from a burning bus.

The incident occurred in Mutare, Zimbabwe and South African philanthropist BI Phakathi shared the news on

Facebook Thousands of commenters from across the globe thanked Sirizani for his selfless act as they prayed for him to get better soon

South Africa’s faceless hero BI Phakathi turned his attention to another heroic person. Phakathi shared a few images of a man named Sirizani Butau, who he commended for pulling eight people out of a burning bus in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Phakathi shared three images of Sirizani where he can be seen covered in dirt with pieces of his skin burnt off. The good Samaritan’s kind act resulted in thousands of comments from social media users praising him for his deed.

Click here to view Phakathi’s post about Butau, which gained a massive 171 000 reactions on the app. Social media users thank Butau for his selfless deed Paul Street said:

“Total respect sir, hope your burns heal quickly. God bless you, sir.” Lynley Hanson shared: “A true hero. God bless you. Hope you are getting some good medical treatment for your burnt legs.”

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