Love & Lust. Top 5 most Common signs and how to know their differences

Love Vs Like and lust is closely related and therefore it’s very difficult to differentiate between such feelings.

Many relationships and marriages has been shortlived due to lust which was mistaken to be love. Understand that there would be some form of failures in the love game but these top five honest difference between love, like and lust would help you a great deal before falling for a person.

It  is very disheartening that most young men and women out there find it very difficult to differentiate between love, like and lust. Love is a profound and caring affection towards someone. True love never fades and endures to the end of time. Many say that easily fall in love but in the contrary, they fall in lust instead of in love. Lust in this contemporary world is a feeling of enthusiasm and strong liking for something. Like is to find someone attractive or to have a mild romantic feelings for.

In Words

With regards to love, moods may change but care is unconditional. It has no limitations whatsoever. Like reveals itself when it constantly develop whatever it is that is budding both of you to become lovebirds whereas lust always portray intense physical contact for the time being. Lust might prove to you to be love but there is a vast difference between them.

Deepest Fear

The deepest fear of love is having your heart broken into a million piece simply by betrayal. With like, your sentiments won’t be always reciprocated by the person you have mere attraction for. Lust only develops actdual feelings and vanishes within a short period.
On The Phone
To differentiate between the three feelings, with love the majority of interaction is done in person and not on phone. Well, it is very difficult to fall in love over text messages or calls. A person who likes you finds it difficult to hang up on you during calls. That is where attraction generates from. Lust only involves late night calls, flirtatious text with a clear intention of what is the next move.

See Target As

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Love sees the person you are falling for as a companion whiles like see target as a potential friend which might skyrocket into a relationship anytime soon but lust sees target as a fleshy, living and breathing thrusting object that can never be resisted.
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