Kim Porter trial: Porter found guilty of two counts of manslaughter Judge Regina Chu ordered Potter held without bail

Kim Potter, the former Minnesota police officer who mistakenly drew her handgun instead of her Taser during a traffic stop in April in which she fatally shot Daunte Wright, has been found guilty.

The jury deliberated for four days before finding the former Brooklyn Center officer guilty of first- and second-degree murder.

Potter, 49, faces about seven years in prison on the most severe charge, according to state sentencing guidelines. But prosecutors said they would seek a longer sentence.

Judge Regina Chu ordered Potter held without bail, and scheduled her sentencing for February 18.

Potter winced when the verdict was read but otherwise appeared not to react. A short while later, she was handcuffed and taken into custody pending sentencing.

Potter’s lawyers spoke out against her detention without bail, saying she doesn’t plan to go anywhere.

“Her remorse and regret over the incident are overwhelming,” said Potter’s attorney, Paul Engh. “She is not a public menace at all.”

Katie Bryant, Wright’s mother, said after the trial that she felt “every single emotion that you could imagine” as the verdict was read. “I kind of let out a yelp, because it was built up in the anticipation of what was to come,” she said.

The deadly confrontation on April 11 began when Potter, together with Anthony Luckey, a new officer she was training that day, pulled over Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, for having expired license tabs and a dangling air freshener on his rearview mirror – an infraction in Minnesota.

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