“I will not abort it” – Lady secretly impregnated by friend’s husband sends chilly WhatsApp messages while crying in trotro

A lady who had been impregnated by her friend’s husband found herself in a bit of a quagmire while exchanging messages with him while seated in a trotro.

The lady had reached out to the man to inform him about the turn of events concerning their clandestine relationship and her pregnancy.

Initial chats revealed the man’s desire to have the children and even went ahead to propose suggested names for the child when she/he arrives.

However, when the man started to ignore her messages, the woman became restless. She insisted that she would keep the pregnancy.

The chats were secretly filmed by a man in the same vehicle who saw her in tears. The photos were shared on social media by Abena Magis.

Check Them Out Below:

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