I was never supported by Lil Wayne – Young Chorus

Young Chorus, a versatile Ghanaian artist and sound engineer, was recently interviewed on Sradio5’s Showbiz Arena show, revealing that he was never assisted by famous Ghanaian actor and musician; Lil Win.

Young Chorus refuted all reports during an interview with Kofi Maya
and cleared the air between himself and Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win.

Speaking to the host of the Sradio5 showBiz Arena Show, Yung Chorus said, “I’ve never benefited from Lil Win when it comes to my music career, the
truth they say is always difficult to believe, but I don’t have any problem with Lil Win. I absolutely adore him, but I dislike working with him.”

I have never been under any Weezy Empire deal or any management arrangement. Lil Win Ju7st used me for glory of his own. He’s a very greedy person, and all he thinks about is himself. I used to compose Lil Win’s songs, but he never thought of helping me get anything out of the music I was doing.

Young Chorus continued by saying, I’ll never agree if Lil Win changes
his mind and is ready to sign me or give me some support. It really hurts me to devote my entire life to his career in music, and he never supported me with anything, I don’t have to say that I leave anything to the Almighty God.

Source: Sradio5.com

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