I Sent The Audio To A Confidante At The Office Of The Vice President – MzGee

Former TV3 and Multimedia employee, MzGee has come out to talk about the leaked audio sent to her by Psalm Adjeteyfio.

Social media users have lambasted MzGee after the audio of Psalm Adjeteyfio was leaked on the public domain. Media personality Amanda Jissah also blasted MzGee for recording and leaking the audio.

After MzGee was bashed and accused of leaking a private conversation she had with T.T, she has come out in a video recording to explain how everything happened. In a video sighted on her page, MzGee emphasized that she did not leak the audio of a private conversation she had with the actor.

According to MzGee, the audio was leaked by someone from the office of the Vice president because she confided in the person to see how best they could lend a helping hand to T.T

“I sent the voice, not to someone in the office of the vice president in order to get help for T.T, and days after I sent the voice note, I hear the voice note being played on radio stations, how?” MzGee questioned expressing shock.

“I only sent it to the confidante in the office of the vice president and he also said he did not leak the voice note so who leaked the voice note?” she questioned.

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