Half-dressed strippers caught on camera praying in tongues before starting work at a nightclub – Video

Scores of social media users have reacted in shock after sighting a video of 3 light-skinned, curvaceous nightclub strippers praying to God in tongues before starting the day’s work.Fhalf-dressed-strippers-camera-praying-tongues-starting-nightclub-video

The ladies are said to be Nigerians. As seen in the viral video, they are wearing all black strip costumes.

In the video, these half-dressed ladies held their hands and spewed out some ‘spirit-filled’ prayers asking God to grant them favour in their job that day to count more money.

The leader of the strippers in her prayer registered that God should grant them rich clients to spend on them.

The shameless striptease dancer at the end of their prayer request asked for forgiveness of sin for what they are about to do amid wild twerk. 

Watch the video below


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