GH man in tears as he crashes Ferrari car he rented just to impress his friends

  • A Ghanaian man has run into serious issues after crashing a Ferrari he rented to show off
  • The plush red car was seen with the front part completely damaged, with people looking on
  • A voiceover in the video was heard narrating how the young man was going to pay for the damages

A young Ghanaian man has incurred massive repair costs on himself after he crashed a plush Ferrari car he is reported to have rented to impress friends. In a new video sighted by on Instagram, a red Ferrari was seen parked in the middle of a road of what looked like a plush neighborhood.

A good look at the car which was parked diagonally in the street shows it had been crashed, and the front parts of the exquisite automobile looked damaged beyond redemption.

Apparently, the driver of the Ferrari car who was obviously inexperienced, was taking the car for a spin only to get it totalled.

Many people were seen standing nearby to access the extent of damage done to the expensive car with some looking worried. A voice heard in the video told the story of how the car got damaged by its driver who was nowhere to be found at the time of the crash.

According to the narration, a young Ghanaian man had rented the Ferrari car from a dealership just to impress his friends and ended up destroying it.

The voice in the video was heard quizzing how the young man was going to pay for such damage, since he did not own the car and was expected to cater for any form of damage to the car.

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