GFA Elections: All you need to know about the presidential aspirants

The presidential seat of the Ghana Football Association is up for grabs and there are six people jostling for it.

From picking nomination forms amid pomp and pageantry to campaigns typified by trending hashtags and appealing slogans, the upcoming elections have the makings of the most historic and exciting in the country’s footballing history.

The sporting media have their lenses fixated on all the aspirants and they are definitely enjoying the attention and publicity but the journey to being a potential president of the GFA did not start overnight.

It has been a ‘long walk’ of ups and downs and takes you on a journey of how the seven aspirants reached their current level.

Kurt Okraku

A trained journalist from the Ghana Institute Journalism, Kurt worked with Groove FM, Universe and Hearts News before venturing into football administration.

He is also a product of the Manchester Trinity College, Emile Woolf College and the University of Liverpool where he obtained a Masters Degree in Football Management.

In 2009, Kurt formed his own club, Dreams FC and has been acting as Executive CEO for the side.

Upon the return of the Ghana FA Cup, Kurt was appointed as chairman of the committee that oversees the competition, a position he held until the Anas Expose’ in 2008.

He was also a member of the Executive Committee from 2017 to 2018.