Francisca Lamini scores 8A’s in Nov/Dec

Francisca Lamini, a student of Keta SHS who became the first female contestant to represent a school in the final of the (NSMQ) in eight years has since become an internet sensation and a national asset.

Right from the regional to the prelims and the final competition, Lamini exalted the image of her school and all ladies in academia

Many celebrities and corporate bodies have donated huge sums of money to Francisca for breaking the glass ceilings.

Well, Fransisca Lamini’s case is a classic example of brilliancy overdose after her NOV/DEC results surfaced on the internet.

Francisca Lamini scored 8A’s when she sat for the Nov/Dec in her second year.

Without a second thought, Fransisca Lamisi might be part of the best students to score high marks in WASSCE.

Take a look at the results below to know more…