Foh Amoaning calls for dissolution of Black Stars

Moses Foh Amoaning, a legal practitioner and TV sports host, has called for the immediate dissolution of the Black Stars following their premature exit from this year’s African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Egypt.

As a result, he has revealed that plans are in place to embark on a massive campaign derived from the recent cliché ‘drop the losing Black Stars’.

He mentioned that the Black Stars have nothing to show forth by way of memento in the last 37 years, yet the government keeps spending millions of dollars on the team.

To him, it will be fair, proper and make economic sense if a fraction of the Stars expenditure is directed to boxing and other disciplines.

“Let’s drop these losing Black Stars. We spent close to $50,000 on each player for reaching the 1/16th stage of the AFCON.

A $50,000 can raise a two-bedroom apartment for our past Black Stars players who won trophies for us and keep complaining because of unfulfilled promise by the government. Boxing has given us eight or nine world titles yet we pay little attention to the sport. I am embarking on this campaign (drop the losing Stars) to drop the Stars for non-performance,” he stated.

Foh Amoaning, who was a member of the Brazil 2014 World Cup Commission of Enquiry, bemoaned how the current crop of Black Stars players have made financial gains their focal point in playing for the national team.

And responding to the Stars Egypt AFCON debacle, he expressed grave worry and proposed a review colloquium of the Dzamefe Commission to address some of the Brazil 2014 issues which reoccurred in Egypt.

The Black Stars pocketed $30,000 each and enjoyed other financial packages for exiting prematurely from the competition which ends today.

Meanwhile, he has called for the return of football to normalcy, fingering the Normalisation Committee (NC) as incompetent.