Fiifi Gharbin has no audacity to order me to apologize to Leila Djansi, the Ghanaian filmmaker.

Leila Djansi, a multiple award-winning American-Ghanaian filmmaker, has taken a dig at Kumawood film director Frank Fiifi Gharbin for asking her to apologize for offending Ghanaian filmmakers.

When speaking to Zionfelix in an interview, Leila confirmed that she was not going to apologize for her remarks to anyone. When Frank Fiifi Gharbin actually read her post and grasped it, she moved on to the quiz.

Leila went on to say that Frank Fiifi Gharbin had no right to apologize to her because he was not her father, so she had no control over her.

She said she was still able to humbly apologize to her fellow filmmakers if all those who had offended her before came to apologize to her as well.

Leila found out that Frank Fiifi Gharbin was too emotional and a few times even badmouthed her.

She said that at one point, Frank Fiifi Gharbin said that she (Leila) was not a Ghanaian, so she had no right to send her films to any film award scheme in Ghana and did not respond in any way to it.

Leila added that she was not a good filmmaker, but just had good equipment that she did not respond to as well, the same Frank Fiifi Gharbin said.

Comments from Frank Fiifi Gharbin follow Leila’s assertion that Ghanaian films are not good enough for the Oscars.

In an article, Frank Fiifi Gharbin asked Leila to apologize for her remarks, and asked her to keep her insults out of some of them.

Source: Zionfelix

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