Familiarity Is The Greatest Killer In Relationship – D.Y. DONKOH reveals

In an interview on Kantanka TV with D.Y. Donkoh, he disclosed that familiarity is the greatest killer in relationship.

He said most at times we pay attention to HIV/ STI’s and others because they deadly diseases but the greatest killer against good marriage and a successful relationship is familiarity. About one billion of relationships are dead because of familiarity, he added.

Again, he moved on to say people are divorcing and most relationships are collapsing due to familiarity. Once your partner starts having sex with you and familiarity sets in, he or she begins to lose respect for you.

D.Y. Donkoh let out that the moment you become familiar with your partner, whatever he or she does irritate you. Becoming too familiar with people doesn’t allow you to see anything good in them, he said. In all, ‘familiarity kills the passion, zeal and beauty every relationship has’; the counsellor let out. 

Source: Sradio5.com