R. Kelly jailed for 30 years [Full Report]

R. Kelly, a US musician, was given a 30-year prison term for using his fame to further a plan to molest minors and women.

The 55-year-old R&B performer was found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking by a New York jury in September.

Robert Sylvester Kelly, the singer’s real name, says he will appeal, according to his attorneys.

On Wednesday, survivors said that he had ridiculed and insulted them.

A few women testified in front of Kelly before his sentencing to confront him about his long history of abuse.

A woman only known as Angela referred to the performer as a Pied Piper who “increased in evil” with each new victim, while other unnamed witnesses claimed he had crushed their spirits.

One said, “You literally made me want to die from the way you made me feel.”

Kelly, who was wearing prison khakis and thick glasses, chose not to respond.

The superstar, according to US District Judge Ann Donnelly, had used sex as a weapon, compelling his victims to do awful things and burdening them with terminal illnesses.

She remarked, “You taught them that love is enslavement and brutality.

At his six-week trial in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn jury heard testimony about how he trafficked women between various US states with the help of managers, security personnel, and other members of his entourage.

The court also learned how, in 1994, when Kelly was 15 years old and seven years before the singer Aaliyah died in a plane crash, she had gotten marriage licences in violation of the law.

Aaliyah’s age was given as 18 on the certificate at the time it was leaked. A few months later, the marriage was dissolved.

Given the nature of Kelly’s crimes and “the need to safeguard the public from further crimes,” federal prosecutors had suggested that he get a sentence of at least 25 years in prison.

However, his attorneys requested a sentence of 10 years or less, which is the mandatory minimum for his crime.

They presented Kelly as growing up in a violent home and being subjected to sexual abuse at an early age.

Since July 2019, when he was charged by federal prosecutors in Chicago and New York, Kelly has been detained.

His three years in prison have been dramatic, with a fight with Covid-19 earlier this year and a beating by a fellow prisoner in 2020.

In August, the singer will go on trial once more—this time in Chicago—on allegations of obstruction and child sex imagery.

He will also be charged with sexual abuse in courts in Minnesota and Illinois.


Story of how a popular Tik Tok girl used her WASSCE fees to cater for and save her mad mother – Video

This story of how a popular Tik Tok girl saved her mother who went mad, with her exam fees will send shocking vibrations down your spine.

It takes only a few people to still go to any extent to see that their loved ones are in good shape regardless of the current situation.

If you have been active on tik tok, you would have seen videos of a lady with the handle @fav.franca (Favoured_Franca) and her mentally challenged mother.

In the viral videos, one could see that the lady, daily checks on her deranged mother showing great love and affection towards her.

We all know what mad people are capable of when you get close to them but @fav.franca (Favoured_Franca) ignores all the dangers and still gets close to her non-compos mentis mother and feed her as well as talk with her like a normal person.

Her videos gained massive viewership and recognition on the video-sharing app. Her followers praised her while others who didn’t share the same vision with her lambasted her for bringing her mother’s state on the internet for all to see.

Fast forward, something good has come out of the constant checking up et al. Granting an interview with Adom TV while narrating how she managed to bring her mother to normalcy, Franca said she used her WASSCE registration fees to cater for her.

Thus, she used the money to pay for the hospital and other bills all with the aim of helping to make the mother sane again at the expense of her education. That is an act of serious and uncommon bravery.

Patapaa reportedly divorces his wife

A yet to be authenticated news that is currently making waves on the local digital space reports the divorce of One Corner hitmaker, Justice Amoah popularly known as Patapaa.

According to the conveyors of the news, Patapaa and his German wife Liha Miller parted ways about six months ago.

Well, the actual cause of Patapaa’s divorce from his wife is yet to be known because he hasn’t reacted to the story yet.

Patapaa and Liha Miller walked down the aisle on Saturday, January 2, 2021, in a very stylish wedding ceremony.

Months after their wedding, Liha Miller sparked speculations about her pregnancy after sharing videos on social media that captured her with a protruding stomach.

It appears they were all lies and framed stories just to be in the news. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

North Korea fighting Covid with tea and salt water

North Korea is grappling with the spread of Covid in an unvaccinated population, without access to effective anti-viral drugs.

In early 2020, the country sealed its borders to try to insulate itself from the pandemic.

Its leadership has so far rejected outside medical support.

And state media has recommended traditional treatments to deal with what is referred to as “fever”.

Hot drinks

For those not seriously ill, ruling-party newspaper Rodong Simnun recommended remedies including ginger or honeysuckle tea and a willow-leaf drink.

Hot drinks might soothe some Covid symptoms, such as a sore throat or cough, and help hydration when patients are losing more fluid than normal.

Ginger and willow leaf also relieve inflammation and reduce pain.

But they are not a treatment for the virus itself.

Salt water

State media recently interviewed a couple who recommended gargling with salt water morning and night.

A “thousand of tonnes of salt” had been sent to Pyongyang to make an “antiseptic solution”, the state news agency reported.

Some studies suggest gargling and nasal rinses with salt water combat viruses that cause the common cold.

But there is little evidence they slow the spread of Covid.

Mouthwash could kill the virus in the lab, a study found.

But it has not convincingly been shown to help in humans.

Covid is mainly caught by inhaling tiny droplets in the air via the nose as well as the mouth, so gargling attacks only one point of entry.

And once the virus has entered, it replicates and spreads deep into the organs, where no amount of gargling can reach.

Painkillers and antibiotics

State television has advised patients to use painkillers such as ibuprofen as well as amoxicillin and other antibiotics.

Ibuprofen (and paracetamol) can bring down a temperature and ease symptoms such as headache or sore throat.

But they will not clear the virus or prevent it developing.

Antibiotics, meant for bacterial infections not viruses, are not recommended.

And using antibiotics unnecessarily risks developing resistant bugs.

Laboratory research suggests some may slow the spread of some viruses, including Covid.

But these have not been replicated in the real world.

And a study of the antibiotic azithromycin found it made little or no difference to Covid symptoms, the likelihood of hospital admission or death.

There are some approved drugs to prevent people with Covid ending up in hospital:

  • antivirals paxlovid, molnupiravir and remdesivir
  • antibody therapies that mimic the immune system

But their effectiveness is variable.

Health system

North Korea’s health system has been set up to offer free medical care from basic services at village level up to specialised treatment in government hospitals (usually in urban centres).

But the economy has contracted in recent years because of sanctions and extreme weather such as droughts.

Closing the country’s borders and strict lockdown measures will also have had a damaging impact.

Particularly weak outside Pyongyang, the health system is thought to suffer shortages of personnel, medicines and equipment.

A report for the UN, last year, said: “Some of the pharmaceutical, vaccination and medical-appliance plants do not reach the level of good practice of the WHO [World Health Organization] and do not meet local demand as well.”

Many North Korean defectors to South Korea have told of having to pay for medication or finding treatment and drugs limited to privileged members of the ruling party.

But state media says it is now increasing production.

International aid

North Korea turned down three million Chinese-made doses, last year – and reportedly rejected other offers – under Covax, the global vaccine-sharing scheme.

South Korea says it has had no reply to its offer of vaccines, medical supplies and personnel.

North Korea has reportedly recently sent three planes to collect medical supplies from Shenyang.

These had not included “anti-pandemic supplies”, the Chinese foreign ministry said, but it was “ready to work with North Korea… in the fight against the coronavirus”.

Source: BBC

Ghana showed strong economic gains – Former UK Minister for Africa

Former United Kingdom (UK) Minister for Africa Mark Simons has said that Ghana is exactly the sort of African market the UK should be dealing with.

Ghana, he said, displayed a remarkable resilience to the economic effect of the pandemic, showing strong economic gains through last year

“Ghana has displayed a remarkable resilience to the economic effect of the pandemic , showing strong economic gains through last year Given its relative strength.

“Ghana is exactly the sort of African market Britain should be looking to partner with…this growth with economic activity is something the UK could benefit.”

Meanwhile, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has charged African leaders to put their synergies and resources together to articulate a new way of addressing infrastructural concerns on the continent.

Speaking at an Infrastructure Solution summit organised by the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) in Abuja, Nigeria, Thursday May 12, Mr Akufo-Addo encouraged leadership on the continent, to demand an equal playing field on the global finance market.

In his view, this willenable Africa adequately enhance efficient infrastructural development.

“it is absolutely important that we should expand the influence of the institutions like AFC, ADB. ADB has recently gone for recapitalization to enable it to be able to do more.

“The governments of the continent we need to to put our weight behind this attempt but we also equally need to address structural constraints in the global capital market in the world.”

Nigeria scraps pre-departure Covid tests

The Nigerian government says fully vaccinated travellers coming into the country will no longer be required to take a pre-departure PCR Covid-19 test.

This is the first major reversal to the public health safety protocols since Nigeria started seeing a decline in the number of infections.

The chairman of the Presidential Covid Response Team, Boss Mustapha, said in the capital Abuja on Monday that the change would come into effect from 4 April.

He explained that passengers who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated are still expected to take a Covid test 48 hours before departure, or do one on the second and seventh day on arrival.

He said that fully vaccinated passengers will no longer be charged for rapid antigen tests at the airport.

So far, 255,103 Covid-19 cases have been recorded in Nigeria including 3,142 people who have died of related infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

China plane accident: Search groups track down flight’s black box

Search groups have observed a black box from the China Eastern flight which plunged into mountains in southern China this week, state media report.

Chinese avionics authorities reported the finding at a question and answer session on Wednesday, following two days of looking.

Specialists are still yet to report the quantity of dead, yet it is dreaded none of the 132 individuals locally available endure the high-height crash.

Examiners actually don’t have any idea why the plane plunged out of the sky.

The accident is possible China’s most destructive aeronautics episode in thirty years, and has provoked a public overflowing of despondency.

President Xi Jinping has required a full-scale examination, and the public authority has dispatched many heros, troopers, specialists and different laborers to the site in the distant slope locales of Guangxi territory.

On Wednesday, the crushed groups of the 127 travelers and nine team on board the flight additionally showed up at the accident site, gathering in the little town nearest to the scene.

Many inquiry laborers have been scouring the forested district of Wuzhou, looking for the plane’s black box recorders in the midst of the destruction and burned trash.

Specialists have said that they have not found any survivors up until this point, and protect groups presently can’t seem to track down any bodies.

Anyway groups have recuperated numerous individual things having a place with travelers and team on board the flight including handbags, wallets and even character cards.

Flight MU5735 had been in the air for over an hour on Monday and was approaching its Guangzhou objective when it unexpectedly dove from its cruising tallness.

Air regulators had over and over called the airplane during its plummet however had gotten no reaction, specialists said on Tuesday.

Flight tracker information showed the Boeing 737-800 stream dropped large number of meters in less than three minutes.

As indicated by FlightRadar24, the plane was cruising at 29,100ft (around 9,000m), yet two minutes and after 15 seconds it was recorded at 9,075ft. The keep going obtained data on the flight showed it finished at 14:22 neighborhood time, at a height of 3,225ft.

Flying specialists say the Boeing 737-800 model has a solid security record, with thousands in assistance all over the planet. The airplane that crashed was under seven years of age.

Examiners are relied upon to take a gander at a few potential causes – including intentional activity, pilot blunder, or specialized issues like a primary disappointment or mid-air crash.

Source: BBC