How My Best Friend Seduced A Man That Was Interested In Me – Lady Shares Sad Story

Ugochi, a young woman, has detailed how her best friend kidnapped a man from her.
Ugochi claimed that the man had been making significant attempts to get her attention and that she also liked him.

She sadly sought counsel from her friend, who told her not to date him since he is rude.

Ugochi claims she returned from her trip to learn that her best friend had begun dating the same man.

She tweeted:
“This cute guy was all over me and doing all he could to get my attention but my bestie told me to ignore him because he’s too proud and rude. Even though I told her how much I liked him, she made sure I didn’t date him, only for me to come back from vacation and they’re dating 💔Some people are actually blaming me and I get it tbvh. I was very foolish🥹💔”

See her post below:

In other news, reality TV star and brand ambassador, Mercy Eke, claims she has never been a man’s sidekick or dated someone else’s husband.

Mercy Eke who won Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ season in 2019, revealed this while discussing whether side chicks strengthen marriages with Pretty Mike on the “Frankly Speaking” podcast.

Mercy Eke asserts that she has never been a side chick to anyone and is not currently dating any married men.

Reacting to Mercy Eke’s claim on Instagram one Chidinma Okoligwe said; ‘Mercy say she no Dey date married man , I never hear this kind lie before‘

SHSs Suspend Participation In NSMQ, Other Extracurricular Activities Over Delayed Government Funds

Senior High Schools across the country will not participate in the National Science and Maths Quiz (NMSQ) until further notice.

The Conference of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS), which announced this said, inter-school sports and debate competitions and other extra-curricular activities have also been suspended.

This is as a result of prolonged delay in the release of funds for such activities by government.

The decision was taken by the National Executive Committee (NEC) of CHASS after it was established that school heads are having to divert already scanty funds meant for feeding, into supporting these activities.

According to National President of CHASS, Alhaji Yakubu Abubakar suspending the activities is the best way to keep the schools running efficiently on their core academic mandate.

“The monies are already meagre as it is for the supplies we need. Monies for recurrent expenditure have been in arrears for more than a year. And so when we met, we decided that the best thing to do is to suspend these activities which are not properly part of our main responsibility of academic work”, Alhaji Abubakar told JoyNews.

He said, “Senior High School education is not only about the classroom. These extra-curricular activities help in improving the general quality of education delivered in the schools. But now we have to put all of them on hold because we can’t afford it”.

A statement released to the regional chapters of CHASS after the NEC meeting said, “most of the monies sent to the schools these days are for perishables and apart from the fact that it is inadequate for even the feeding of the students, it is equally misappropriation of funds if we should continuously use such monies for things they are not intended for”.

It further directed that, “regional chairs should liaise with their Regional Directors and Old Boys to explain matters to them to forestall any misunderstanding in the stance taken by CHASS”.

The inter-school sports competitions have been the main sources of recruiting new talents to feed the national teams.

How You Are Paying Double Interest On Your Bank Loans

Episode 7: How You Are Paying Double Interest On Your Bank Loans

It is also an illusion to think that you will gain by borrowing money from the bank to invest in T-bills or fund managers’ investment instruments.

Considering such a decision is the only best time to quote interest rates since both bank loans interest and gains on funds under management are quoted based on annual rates and/or previous years’ rates achieved by fund managers. Though past achievements are not a guarantee for new years, it’s a good start.

a. T-bill rates will never be higher than the interest charged by banks on loans because that is even the starting point or baseline for bank loans’ interest.

b. Though not impossible, it is very unlikely an interest on money market/ short term investments will yield higher interest than the bank rates on loans.

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If it were not so, then the banks would just give all their deposits to the investment funds at the expense of the public taking such money as loans.

Episode 8: How You Are Paying Double Interest On Your Bank Loans

Due to the inability of people to repay interest-free loans from family and friends in the past, such people will have no choice than to go for a bank loan the next time they are in need of very short-term loans.

The worst of it is, they would have to contact money lenders where they would have to pay extremely high compounding interest, because the bank processes can not guarantee them the loan in the shortest period they need the loan.

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Loans from family and friends could save such interest payment. Next time you take a loan from family and friends, make sure you pay on time to have the chance to access it again and avoid paying interest on bank loans or quick loans.

Video: How To Create Mtn Momo Account Yourself

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How might I enlist MTN versatile cash on the web?

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