Biden signs executive orders to reverse Trump’s COVID and climate change measures

President Biden, fresh from his inauguration on Wednesday, began his term with executive orders on measures ranging from lessening the coronavirus pandemic to addressing racial inequality, many of which roll back measures adopted by the previous government of Donald Trump.

According to his transition team, Biden signed an executive order demanding masks and social separation in all federal buildings, on all federal lands and by all federal employees and contractors. He is also launching the “100 Days Masking Challenge,” asking people to wear a mask for up to 100 days to help prevent the spread of the disease, which, according to Johns Hopkins University data, has claimed more than 400,000 lives in the U.S..

A new position will be created by another executive order, the COVID-19 response coordinator, who will be tasked with coordinating the administration’s response to the pandemic, including the deployment of the vaccine, and who will report to Biden directly.

Biden also said that he will rejoin the World Health Organization, reversing last year’s withdrawal of the Trump administration from the international body, to organize the international response to the pandemic. In September, Trump withdrew from the WHO, saying the organization “failed” in its response to COVID-19 and other health emergencies, but until July 6, 2021, the order was not scheduled to become effective. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading expert on infectious diseases, will attend this week’s WHO executive board meeting, Biden’s team said, and will talk to the board on Jan. 21 as head of delegation.

Biden’s team says he would ask the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to extend the federal eviction moratorium, which is due to expire on Jan. 31, until March 31, as a response to the economic distress created by the pandemic.

He would also ask the Education Department to extend the delay until Sept. 30 on student loan payments.

Source: Yahoo News

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