Angry Concerned Youth of Nkoransah has got hold of two Gay in their community

There is more uproar in Nkoransah this Afternoon. Two suspected Gay partners finally arrested by a group of Concern Youth in Nkoransah. The activities of the Homosexuality and Gay is trying to gain much grounds in Ghana. Ghanaians must arise and fight for the values of the country. How long shall we continue to learn barbaric attitudes from the Western part of the world.

We claim to be independent Country, but we are still borrowing from the Western world. When these persist, we will continue to learn what is not expected of us. Currently in Ghana, there is a lot of controversies about LGBTQ bill. Some part of Ghanaians claim that the Bill must be accepted while others say the bill must not be accepted.

This afternoon 8th October 2021, two young boys at the age of 21 and 24 who were suspected as Muslims base on their names were caught while doing the act in their secret room. When the angry Youth who arrested them interrogated them, both confirmed that they are Gay Partners.

The 24 years old boy is called Razak and he is the man in the act. While the 21 years old boy whose nickname is Rag90 was acting as the female in the process. It was suspected that, Razak is a muslim because of his name and he was doing the act with his Muslim friend Rag90.

Speaking on Angel TV on Orgasm to Kwadwo Dickson, Nana Bafour Sakordie the spokes person of the Queen Mother of Nkoransah, stated that Razak and his friend have brought curses on the land. Hence they are likely to ban them from the township of Nkoransah in the Brong Ahafo Region.

On the same issues, Razak and his friend were made to kneel down in front of the people as sacrifice of killing animals and pouring of Schnapps as libation were made to cleanse the land of their abomination.

The angry and concern youth who were gathered at the scene of the sacrifice were shouting on top of their voice. It was alleged that, some of the youth were informing the elders and leaders in Nkoransah in the Brong Ahafo Region to kill Razak and his Gay partner immediately before dawn. Others were saying, the gods of the land should deal with them severely.

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