A Roomful of Yearning and Regrets after having Sex with my Husbands Brother

News sighted on Issues of Life (issues related to humanity) a program aired on Sradio5 Tv between Mondays – Wednesday by the Host King David. Sradio5 blogging team saw a woman pleading and crying bitterly to be forgiven by her husband for having sexual intimacy with younger brother.

I am a married woman with two children, my husband is 13years older than me.

He was first married and got divorced. After the woman left with their son and followed one of her business partners so as a result of that my Husband talks bitterly about women who cheats on their Husband and I know is something he can not forgive easily.

But four years ago, 2 years after my second child was born our sex life began to dwindle . He only last 2mins so I thought it was something that drugs can help him recover his strengths. I became sexually starved and I was getting more and more fraustrated.

We had series of quarrels so we were later Counselled. I prayed to God to heal my Husband because I have been in a sexless marriage for about four(4)years out of our eight(8)years marriage.

Well something happened: my husband younger brother came to live with us last month. Because he had completed his training. He wanted my husband to get him a shop so that he can start his own business. My husband promised to get him a shop and later he fulfilled it. The only issue we had was that his accommodation was expensive so my husband told him to stay with us until he can afford own apartment.

My Inlaw used to assist me whenever he returns from work. One day, My husband travelled so this boy came back from work. He greeted me as I was watching a movie at the Parlour, He wen to take his food from the kitchen as usual so he sat beside me and then began to eat.

The movie has some romantic scenes in it of which I was a bit uncomfortable watching the movie with my brother in-law. I got up to go and bath then sleep while in the bathroom this boy came in and imagine what happens? We had sex and I enjoyed every bit of the sex because I have been starved for so many years.

so the sex became a routine. We had sex for four(4) days since my husband left. After the last day I became afraid and began to feel guilty. I told him to leave the house but he threatens me that he will rather inform his brother . I was very ashamed and afraid because my husband divorced his first wife because of cheating. I know that he will be too disappointed. If he finds out about what I did he will throw me out of the house. I had no choice than to keep quite.

my husband informed me he was traveling for two days that is a day before yesterday. I have to lock my self for two nights. Last night I put a big sofa behind my door before I slept because I Do not want to be tempted again to have sex with my younger brother again.

I want this boy out of my house and am also afraid to inform my husband that might lead to our divorce.

How do I explain this horrible thing to anyone because they won’t believe me that my own husband brother slept with me.

How do I get out of this sinful feeling. He is also threatening me that he will inform his brother about us.